&Pecos Bill's 2009 Ultimate Spirit Page.
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Pecos Bill's 2009 Ultimate Spirit Page.

Includes Holiday Season of 2008.

Fantasy Fights & Mystickal Realms 2009.
Millitary Forces Salute and Big Valley 2009.
Rumbles, and War of the Websites 2009.
Triple Ace & Pocket Full of Sunshine 2009.
The Wild Frontier 2009.
Webleagues 2009.
Salem's Website Competition.
Fairy Musing 2009.
2009 Stockpile.

St. Valentine's Day 2009 Spirit Page.

St. Patrick's Day 2009 Spirit Page.

Other Web Competition Awards on MySpace.

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Web Competitions Index:

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Competiting Websites:

Folklore Tribute to Kate Shelley.

Pecos Bill's American Folklore Gala.

Bill's Long Beach Armada Tribute.

Capt. Eugene Cornell Memorial Civil War Showcase.

Folklore Tribute to Walt Disney Company.

Showers of Sparks.

Anaheim Arsenal on the Attack.

Megara's Magical Windows.

Folklore Tribute to The Dukes of Hazzard.

Anaheim/Orange County Showcase.

California Sports Markets.

True Blue Los Angeles Baseball.

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Holiday Towns--Panarama Pictures:

Given to Fellow Competitors.

Carol Towne.
Gaea Rivers Township.
April Valley.
Papi Gulch.
Old Glory Heights.
Autumn Hills.

More Photos and Computer Art on Facebook:

..Bill Baxter
Bill Baxter
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DISCLAIMER: Backgrounds are from "Background City."

The Wild Frontier Christmas Tree 2008.


Pecos Bill's Other Spirit Pages.